Functional Health

You are unique. So is your genetic make-up, your medical history, and your lifestyle. Your medical care should be just as unique as you are.

What is
Functional Health?

Functional health practitioners utilize current diagnostic testing, a thorough medical history interview, and a systems review to find the root cause of a patient’s health concern rather than treating the symptoms as they arise.

Why would I see a functional health coach?

  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Looking for a natural approach to an ongoing health concern
  • Wanting to improve how you feel overall (more energy, less mood swings, etc.)
  • Looking to reduce the need for some prescription medications, or to find a natural approach before taking the prescription medication
  • Improving performance at work, at home,  or in an athletic activity you enjoy doing

What to expect in your first visit

  1. Review your 7-day food log & lab results
  2. Complete a body composition scan on the InBody 570 assessing overall health
  3. Complete a systems review and history interview to find out which systems are the most dysfunctional and discover patterns in your past that may be related to the current concern
  4. Receive personalized recommendations including further diagnostic investigations if necessary
  5. Set a 6 to 12 month plan designated specifically for you utilizing whole foods and whole food supplements

Every time you eat is an opportunity to provide your body with the nutrients needed to properly function.