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Performance Care/Personal Training

Whether you are an elite athlete looking for an athletic chiropractor, or a weekend warrior you can rest assured that 8 Flags Chiropractic understands your needs! Our physicians walk the walk when it comes to personal health and fitness, therefore you can count on recommendations that are tried and true.

Drs. Jayde and james (athletic chiropractor) employ a holistic approach that blends the benefits of passive therapies such as chiropractic adjustments, non-surgical spinal decompression, electrical muscle stimulation, myofascial release, and neuromuscular re-education with active therapies such as rehabilitative exercise, as well as strength and conditioning to ensure that you not only feel better, but also function better for a lifetime.

Conventional exercise equipment and fancy machines have become extremely popular in the modern gym setting, but few of theses tools serve to help challenge the human body in its natural state as a whole.

A strategic approach to restoring and improving the elasticity of your muscles and connective tissues via the passive therapies we offer paired with a well-planned fitness regimen based on the body’s seven fundamental movement patterns is the key to success.

The seven fundamental patterns that the human body is capable of accomplishing are:

1) Pushing
2) Pulling
3) Twisting
4) Squatting
5) Hinging
6) Lunging
7) Gait (walking/running)

Therefore by definition, an inability to perform one or more of these movements directly translates to a loss of some degree of function, which often leads to a reduction in quality of life.

At 8 Flags Chiropractic our fitness professionals are highly skilled with exercise program design and implementation that will help you increase your proficiency in the seven fundamental patterns, which will provide a foundation for progressing you to perform more complex movement patterns, and/or sport-specific programming for athletes.

Our training programs begin with an assessment of your goals, limitations, biometrics (e.g. bodyfat, weight, blood pressure, and limb measurements) followed by a movement screening to determine your tolerance for exercise.

With this information your coach will design a fitness program just for you that will specify the frequency, intensity, time, and type of exercises that will be optimal for you. This will also include mobility and stretching exercises to maintain your range of motion, and serve as preventative measures for injury.

Movement Therapy

For those who prefer to enjoy their workouts in a group setting look no further. Movement therapy is a small group class that meets 3 times per week and runs for 6 weeks per session.

Each 6 week session begins and ends with a biometric assessment, and a movement quality assessment. Our classes are capped at 10 participants per time slot to ensure that you still get feedback from your instructor and perform the workout safely. What makes our program unique in addition to the smaller group setting is the program design.

Each week of the 6-week session is themed around one of the seven major movement patterns mentioned above. Each workout begins with a general warmup intended to bring blood flow to the muscles, elevate the heart rate and core temperature to improve circulation, and prevent injury.

We then proceed into a skill warmup, which offers an opportunity to practice a new movement, or become more familiar with one we already know. After the general warmup and skill warmup is completed the workout movements are reviewed and the group begins a series of exercises in the allotted time period.

The workout itself typically lasts 20-30min, and is followed by a cooldown which may include walking, stretching, and/or foam rolling to help the muscles and joints recover and gradually return to a resting state.